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Avatar: Lord of the Elements

In a world where there are four Nations, the elegant Water Tribes, the stubborn Earth Kingdom, the peaceful Air Nomads, and the powerful Fire Nation, a chosen few in those Nations have the ability to bend the element of their Nation, water, earth, air, or fire.
Many years ago each Nation lived in peace with one another. But the new ruler of the Fire Nation wishes to destroy all the other Nations in order to rule the whole world. He has not succeeded, but has caused all other Nations to live in fear and chaos. The only way for the Fire Lord to destroy all other Nations is from the power of the ring. There is a legend of a ring that makes the owner's bending ten times more powerful and a non bender undefeatable. It has not been found. Until now.
Aang, a simple air bender from the Air Nomads, discovers he has something that the Fire Nation seeks, the ring. The Dark Fire Lord Ozai will stop at nothing to get what he wishes. Zuko, from the Fire Nation, is the rightful heir to the Fire Nation's throne but Ozai, hungry and mad with power, makes plans to kill his son in order to keep the throne. Upon hearing this news, Zuko's mother flee the Fire Nation with her son traveling unknown throughout the other Nations in order to save her son's life.
Aang and Zuko find their destinies tied when they realize that Aang must destroy the ring and Zuko has to take his rightful place back on the Fire Nation throne. But will he want it back?
All the Nations must come together to help Aang fulfill his destiny. And to restore balance back to the world.
OMG! WHAT!? Avatar: The Last Airbender and Lord of the Rings combined!? YES!!

I've been wanting to do this for a long, long time and I finally got around to it!

Don't expect it to be just like Avatar or just like LOTR. Because its NOT! It's going to have my own little twist on it.

For example: Katara and Sokka are NOT going to be brother and sister! :O
Suki and Haru WILL be brother and sister.. and Suki and Sokka will not have a thing.. Instead Suki will be crushing on Zuko.. Of course you can't blame her for that! lol

I'm changing a few things like that so it will fit my story better.. and works better..
Don't worry it will all make sense when you read it!

And no, there will not be any hobbits, elves, dwarves, or wizards in it.. Because it will be in the Avatar Universe..

So here's how it will go..

Hobbits= Air Nomads
Elves= Water Tribes
Dwarves= Badgermoles and a few chosen earthbender*cough*Toph*cough
Wizards= Well for now the two wizards are master firbenders.. You'll see...
And men= Earth Kingdom

BUT! The location will be like Middle Earth.
For instance: The Shire will be the Air Nomads..
Mordor will be the Fire Nation.. and yeah..
It will be like that so the journey they take will be easier to describe or whatever...

But anyways.. I'm very excited to write this! And I will post all the characters and who they'll represent..

Frodo= Aang.. (Of course)

And it will also be PRO ZUTARA!! Woot!

But more will be coming soon hopefully!! :D
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July 30, 2010
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